Birthday Party!  

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The Melting Pot is turning 1!
Come check us out!

So so so so tired...  

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I am so incredibly tired. It has been a heck of a week that is for sure! The kids are cranky, I am going on little sleep, family tragedy was really shocking...


I did feel the baby kick last night :) and there was no question this time. So at 17 weeks and 1 day...first "real" kick. I am sure now the baby appreciates me poking my belly trying to feel it again HA HA

May 5th is the big ultra sounds day!! whooo hooo

We are PREGNANT!!  

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#4 is on the way!

I had an ultrasound yesterday that revealed I was 11 weeks pregnant with our 4th child. Surprise!!! Again!!!

This will however be the last as this time..the tubes will be tied.

We are very excited and Justice took the ultrasound picture to school and to the walk in clinic last night (more on that later...) to tell everyone about his new baby :)

Here is our little bean. The weeks listed is incorrect as that was the Dr.'s guess upon examination...

In memory of ^Jaeci^ & to celebrate Jaxen!  

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Please support my friend!
Thank you everyone!!!

Christmas Pictures  

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The kids had a FABULOUS Christmas this year. Thank you EVERYONE that made it possible.

Enjoy :)